Chinese Jokes

13 May

I’m not sure why the people at Company X , think it’s funny to make Chinese [or more generally Asian] jokes but they do and they do it regularly.


“An Italian guy, a Jewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a bar…”

” Chinese people all have this…” 

“It’s like an Asian baby, they look cute but when they grow up…” 


You get the point. The funny thing is they have Asian employees, it’s just that for the most part the racist Chinese comments are said away from their ears. I guess they think it’s okay to say it to me because I’m not Asian and that I should think it’s funny, the reality is I don’t. I think those kinds of jokes are fucking awful and just because someone isn’t part of a group doesn’t mean that they want to make fun of them.

I’m somewhat of an anomaly, so I guess people seem to not understand that I may not be cool with certain behavior. Guys will make sexist jokes to me as if I’m suppose to laugh, because I’m not very feminine, of course. People feel comfortable complaining about black people, spanish people, asian people because they assumed by my background that I would cool with it or maybe they forgot that I wasn’t exactly like them. I think of this ‘blessing’ as a superpower, a truth serum that I end up pumping into any room I’m in. Because of this I know the true feelings of the people I’m around. I’m The Living Douchebag Detector. They only realize that they’ve said something to a minority/woman/young-person/heretic until I say “Umm, that wasn’t fucking cool” At work I don’t say anything, so the Chinese jokes continue.



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